Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.


How do I make sure that my preferred providers are handling the cases?2021-08-23T22:17:27+00:00

Using the CaseConnectMD systems you will be able to track all of your specific clients activities. These activities could include medical treatment, medical referrals, completion of forms, records and other key information necessary to optimize the outcomes for your clients.

Are there any requirements to be part of the CaseConnectMD program?2021-11-23T19:29:47+00:00

Participating in CaseConnectMD requires a contract between CaseConnectMD selected physicians with good standing and contracts with selected plaintiff attorneys. CaseConnectMD reserves the right to invite and terminate participating parties.

Will I receive any referrals of potential personal injury cases?2021-11-23T19:28:30+00:00

CaseConnectMD was founded on the concept of building long term relationships between attorneys and medical providers. We see this as a natural progression that will increase specific referrals between the parties.

How is my client’s information protected?2021-08-23T22:13:10+00:00

The CaseConnectMD system is HIPPA compliant and we take every precaution to secure all information using personal login and password information as well as multiple firewalls.

What if I don’t want to work on a separate Practice Management System (PMS)?2021-11-23T19:27:34+00:00

The CaseConnectMD system is able to interface with many PMS and we will work to optimize each organizations workload. The CaseConnectMD systems will create new efficiencies for both physicians and attorneys.

Who do I work with when a case is settled?2021-08-23T22:17:59+00:00

CaseConnectMD will be the primary source of information during the entire case including after a case is settled.

Are Letter of Protections or Liens required by the providers?2021-08-23T22:18:29+00:00

Letters of Protection ( LOP) are a requirement prior to treating patients that are referred into the CaseConnectMD system.

How many of my competitors are you working with?2021-08-23T22:19:04+00:00

CaseConnectMD is currently working with a variety of attorneys in the Metro Milwaukee area. At this time, we are not releasing our current client listing.

How do I add a provider that I work with to the network?2021-08-23T22:20:12+00:00

CaseConnectMD is always looking to improve the quality of our provider network. If you have a specific provider that you would like to have considered by CaseConnectMD, we would ask that you contact us via the Contact sections of this site.

What information do you need from my practice in order to participate?2021-08-23T22:20:56+00:00

CaseConnectMD would like to review your recent case profile to assure that we see a good fit between the parties. Types of cases, timelines and overall volume will be data elements that we would be requesting.


I have had poor experiences with personal injury cases, what has changed that would make me want to join your network?2021-11-23T20:27:08+00:00

CaseConnectMD will be the primary contact between your practice and the attorneys. With the CaseConnectMD relationships, you will see new patients, improved cashflows and increased efficiency.

How do I get paid for the services I provide?2021-11-23T19:49:01+00:00

CaseConnectMD will compensate providers for services performed based on a specific payment model. This payment model provides funds to improve cashflows and is expected payout within a 60 days timeframe. Each case will be reviewed on an individual basis.

What information do I need to provide in order to be part of the network?2021-11-23T19:47:49+00:00

CaseConnectMD is a select provider network comprised of high quality providers that are in good standing. CaseConnectMD has an application process that begins with an online submission and requires a review by current providers within the provider network.

Initiate this process by using the Contact section of this site.

If the patient has insurance, can I submit a claim?2021-11-23T19:46:12+00:00

CaseConnectMD expects to service all personal injury cases. We recognize that some clients will have insurance and many will not have insurance.

Do you handle Workman’s Comp Cases?2021-08-23T22:23:43+00:00

The CaseconnectMD services do not include Wokmen’s Compensation cases at this time.

What do I need to submit to get paid?2021-08-23T22:24:09+00:00

As a provider of health care services the expectation of CaseconnectMD is that you provide the best care for each client and then submit an invoice for these service to CaseconnectMD. CaseConnectMD will be the primary resource for payment of these services.

Do I need to provide any additional information in the documentation of my services?2021-11-23T19:43:53+00:00

CaseConnectMD will require each provider to use the CaseConnectMD systems to track all data and information for each case. In addition, CaseConnectMD requests that each provider submits all of the same medical information that is common for filing insurance claims.

If the patient needs additional services by another provider, who do I refer it to?2021-11-23T19:39:58+00:00

In the event that a patient is in need of additional medical services, we would request that it is coordinated through CaseConnectMD and our select provider network.

Do I have to assign my services to CaseConnectMD or can I just wait to get paid directly from the patient?2021-08-23T22:25:46+00:00

In each CaseConnectMD case, CaseConnectMD is the primary source of coordination,. Therefore, CaseConnectMD will expect all services to work through CaseConnectMD.

How much do I have to pay for the CaseConnectMD service?2021-11-23T19:37:57+00:00

CaseConnectMD is not charging a specific fee to providers to be a part of the CaseConnectMD provider network.

Do I have to provide sworn affidavit for my services?2021-08-23T22:26:43+00:00

The contract between CaseConnectMD and your practice will include these provisions.

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